DVD de mgie Alive du magicien JUST KIM

Alive DVD

Jeu de cartes Maverick - U.S. Playing Card Cie

Jeu de Carte Maverick

Alive DVD

Just Kim
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Le magicien Just Kim a enfin sorti son premier DVD - ALIVE...

Le magicien Just Kim a enfin sorti son premier DVD - ALIVE...

Just KIM s'est fait connaitre en participant à de nombreux concours de magie, maintenant vous aussi vous pourrez l'apprécier.

Vous trouverez dans le DVD ALIVE une collection d'effets de cartes réalisable partout et ayant de forts impacts.
C'est plus de 10 ans de sa vie en tant que magicien professionnel que vous enseigne Just KIM.

- DVD en anglais.
- Tout inclus les cartes spéciales et le matériel pour réaliser vos propres gimmicks.

ALIVE se compose de deux chapitres :

1- Basic Skills
Double Lift, Thumb Count, Top Palm, Riffle Force, Elmsley Count

2- Routines and Techniques

- 7 Change An original card change from his numerous award-winning close-up acts.

- S.W. Erdnase Change (Distant Ver.) A unique upgrade to the well-known Erdnase Color Change.

- FISM ASIA Ace Production Just Kim's original Ace Production from his Award-Winning Act in the 2008 FISM ASIA competition.

- 3rd Chance
The third time is the lucky charm! Two cards are randomly selected by two audience members. The magician says that he will guess the identity of one of the two cards just by looking at its back, but he fails to do so. He then makes an attempt with the second selected card, but then miserably fails again. For his third attempt, he decides to just show the audience members an astonishing magic trick. When he gives a magical gesture, all the cards suddenly face the other way except for two cards. Surprisingly, the two cards are the ones chosen, and the number of cards inbetween the two selected cards add up to the same value as the sum of the two selected cards' values.

- Stopwatch
Time is ticking! The magician gives four different piles to the spectator, and he asks them to perform a set of tasks within a minute. He takes out his stopwatch, and he times the amount of time the spectator actually took. Surprisingly, the 4 cards on the top of the 4 piles match the time on the stopwatch.

- IN & OUT A unique transposition effect with a kicker ending! The spectator's selected card magically disappears into the magician's pocket when placed inbetween the four Aces. Magically, when he says that he'll repeat the same effect the second time, the Aces come out of the magician's pocket, and the single selected card remains in his hand.

- C.C Triumph (Card Case Triumph) A visual version of the classic Triumph effect. After the spectator selects a card, the magician mixes the cards face up and face down and places them in a card box with a rectangular hole. A visual moment -- the cards now all face the same way except for their selection inside the box.

- Card Flags Swallowing needle effect? Why not with cards! The card box has a mysterious thread connected to the magician's sleeve, but the magician tells the audience not to worry about this for now. The spectator selects a card, and after the card is returned to the deck, the magician places the whole deck in his pocket. He then removes the deck and shows that all of the cards whose suit matches that of the selected card have disappeared from the deck. The magician asks the spectator to pull on the thread in his sleeve. Magically, all the cards of that suit are now threaded together, with the selected card facing in the opposite direction.

- Dotted Line Restore The spectator marks their selected card with an X in the front and the magician draws a dotted line on the back. The magician then tears half of the selected card on the dotted line. With a magical gesture, the torn card restores in an instant!

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